Jiten & Riana


Dance Classes in Scarborough

Every Wednesday

7pm: Zouk Foundations & Technique –

perfect for beginners

8pm: Cool Moves / Levelling Up –

great if you’ve mastered your foundations

9pm: Social Dancing

(or as we say in Portuguese, a “práctica”) -

free for students!

Upstairs at

Scarborough Sports & Community Club

(75 Deanmore Rd, Scarborough)


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It's a pleasure to know both Jiten and Riana for the warmth, joy, fun, and passion for Zouk they radiate as teachers. They are attentive to technique, playfully instruct, and are ultimate cheerleaders in celebrating their students' progress. Thank you both for being a special part of my Zouk journey!


They are AMAZING. Sensational choreography and such gorgeous connection. Love Love Love!



A beautiful dancing tandem that shares their knowledge of the dance in a playful and engaging way; had had a lot of fun doing classes, parties, and flashmobs with them 🥳🤩🎆


Jiten and Riana are incredibly talented and dedicated to their craft. They are both warm, attentive and patient teachers, besides being genuinely nice people. We had the pleasure of learning our wedding dance routine with Jiten and it was a beautiful experience. My hubby who never enjoyed dancing before actually performed a routine in front of a class. And that's all thanks to Jiten's encouragement and training! Thank you guys, I always enjoy seeing your congress videos!


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